In the Garden

Oct 22, 2013

Preparing for Apples

Ready for the final dig inThis weekend I've been getting ready for apples, and maybe, pears. Both these fruits metabolise without a big sugar spike, according to my doctor. They are also lower in sugar than tropical fruits.

I've had a spot chosen for some months where I've been assiduously destroying any hint of couch and also spot spraying the sour sobs. We will put in several trees together, as apples don't self-pollinate, and need another variety which flowers at the same time. From what I can find, Ballerina, Jonathon, Pink Lady, Granny Smith and Fuji would be a great mix.

Apple trees can become quite large, so I will be looking for dwarf varieties when Bijil and I head out to Virginia Nursery tomorrow. Size is not a problem for the area of our garden, but too much height makes netting the trees much harder... Read the rest...