In the Garden

Nov 7, 2013

The Resurrection of Gilbert's Grape

Grape shootGilbert's Grape is named for the farmer who gave me the cutting.

This year Bijil and I dug around Gilbert's Grape in the spring, and with some struggle, shifted it to his side fence next door. There it will cover the tank and fence.

Hannah and Basil are delighted to find some grapes have already come despite our butchery as we levered the old man out of his place.

I've shifted a table grape from the middle of the garden to Gilbert's place, but Gilbert's Grape is not giving up. A new shoot has surfaced, indignant at the imposter.

I like the serendipity of self seeding fruit trees and survivor shoots. They are often tougher than the original plants. So Gilbert's Grape will be allowed to stay.


Grape Vine